11th World Parkinson’s Day


11th World Parkinson’s Day

Parkinson’s disease is the type of ailment that breaks down the nervous system in such a way that the dopamine in the brain cells breaks down and this makes the movement of the body hindered. Because of the prevalence of the ailment in many nations of the world and the inability to get a cure for the ailment, the awareness to support the campaign to fund a research for the deduction of the cure of the ailment was made and this is what the world carved into as the World Parkinson’s Day and this was celebrated on the 11th of April 2019.

The hallmark of that day is to create a world that is Parkinson’s disease-free and this is iterated upon by pinpointing the realities of the life of Parkinson.

While it is a clear cut fact that Parkinson is a disease that people should already become aware of by now, it is also a fact that most people who do not live with Parkinson do not understand the ailment, those that actually do, feel that they are not understood and this is the reason why it was coined that people need to be sensitized about the ailment as well as creating a cure for the ailment.

Helpful Information

It is often said that Parkinson’s disease is oftentimes hard to detect because it has similar symptoms with most of the common diseases that people have all around. It must be noted that one way to know about Parkinson’s disease is the fact that it affects the human body movement. At the moment, it is stated that there is no present cure for Parkinson’s disease but the major cause of Parkinson’s disease is because of the incessant death of some brain cells that leads to the reduced production of dopamine- a particular brain chemical that is known for the control of body movement.

While the common symptoms of the disease is the loss of body movement, it must be noted that not all of the symptoms affect those that have the ailment but some other common symptoms include tremors which is the continuous shaking of the body, a reduced movement rate, stiff muscles, imbalance, freezing amongst others.

The basic symptoms of the ailment affect the eating, dressing and social life of the person involved. As a matter of fact, Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurological disease in Australia and as we speak, over 80,000 people have the ailment with about 30 people being diagnosed on a daily basis.

The World Parkinson’s disease day is celebrated on the 11th of April every year and the purpose of the program was to sensitize people in other to support people that have the ailment. The purpose of the program was also for the purpose of educating people about the causes, symptoms and surgical treatment for the ailment.

Most times the symptoms of the ailment start when people are between the ages of 40 to 60 years of age. Research has had it that out of every 10,000 people, the ailment attacks up to 20 people on a yearly basis and this is in relation to the masses all over the world.

What you can do

What anyone can do with regards to the celebration of the world’s Parkinson disease day is that they can gather as many people as possible and enlighten them about the ailment. People could also raise funds for the purpose of taking care of people around them that have the ailment. The truth is that many people who have the ailment are oftentimes neglected by their family members and for some of them that have the support of their family members, the cost of maintaining the ailment is always more than their budget and so this is the more reason why people need support from friends from all over the world.

People could also go out to join the campaign as regards Parkinson’s disease and this would help spread the message and the awareness that the ailment is real and could be overcome with love from everyone from all over the world.

More Information

Parkinson’s disease is the kind of ailment that affects the lives of many people and it starts with the kind of symptoms that kills the movement of the major parts of the body. Also, the disease attacks one aspect of the body and with time if not properly managed, it could end up affecting other parts of the human body as more symptoms become obvious.

Even more, the disease was discovered in the early part of the 18th century by a Doctor whose name is keenly related to the disease. The reason is that he was the one who first made major findings as regards the disease and this started the sensitization that the world has about the disease. Also, while it can be said that the disease can be managed, it must be noted that there is no holistic cure that has been discerned to totally cure the disease. James Parkinson was the one who first discovered that the ailment could have the symptoms of paralysis and anxiety in the body of the victim of the ailment.

Factual Piece

While it is worthy of mention to say that there is no perfect cure for the disease, it is also a worthy fact that it is indicated that the disease needs further findings to ensure that a cure is deduced in due time. This is the reason why people need to be sensitized about the disease in a bid to raise enough funds to finance the project. As it stands today, the government alone cannot sponsor all of the projects as they relate to the ailment and this is the reason why the day is created to sensitize people about the ailment.

While one can say that he or she does not have people who are affected by the disease, a possible cure being deduced can lead to a total cure should in case one later has one that is affected by the ailment.

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