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There are dozens of automated crypto trading bots on the market. Some are good, some are bad, some are using no own API-Keys which results in high risk for your capital…

You should always have control of your crypto assets. Only use bots who are able to connect via API Keys to your exchange.

I checked in my former articles “Jade” from the Dropil team which gave me at the end not very good results. Jade seems also a just using QFL/base breaking strategy.

The settings from Jade are very confusing sometimes and need to be adjusted very often to get good results.

I am a lazy user and do not want to change every day or week in dozens of settings. Just activate and leave it for doing good trades. So I crawled the web for a new bot.

If you choose an automated trading bot for the trading of your cryptos, take care that you are the only person who has the ability to withdraw your funds from the exchange.

I crawled the web for such kinds of trading bots and found which made a good impression. lets you use your own exchanges, just enter your API keys from Binance, KuCoin, Bitmex or Okex.
At the moment the team is also working on a new own exchange.

The system doesn’t cost no monthly or one-time fee which is not usual.
Most of the crypto trading bots on the market cost monthly fees of 10-30 USD/month or a one-time subscription.

You only have to pay fees if a trade was successful. For this, you need to top-up the internal balance with some money. For start, you can ask for a free bonus. internal balance for trades

After successfully closing a trade, 50% of the profit will be deducted from your internal balance.

For connecting your exchange just select the “Add Exchange” from Menu. Choose your exchange and put your API Key in.

Add Exchange

After adding your exchange activate a strategy from the settings page.

Exchanges ApiTrade

Just use “Algorithms” and use your desired strategy. At moment recommendation is the “waves” bot.

Check out ApiTrade and signup (it’s free!).

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