Zuhex exchange – private beta started


PinkysWorld Weblog reported several times about the new Zuhex Exchange, coded by the Dropil Team. After many announcements and delays, finally, the private beta started. I had a look into the beta, which has quite nice usability. There are for sore some bugs and non-finished features but the future looks good. The most important is […]

How Will Cryptocurrencies Affect the economy and what are its effects on market behavior?


How Will Cryptocurrencies Affect the economy and what are its effects on market behavior? Introduction The world is changing and ever-evolving. This is especially true for the prospects at both ends of technology; the oldest and the newest. There are always many estimations on how these elements survive to affect the commerce stream, lives, and […]

Dropscribe announced – the next big thing in Crypto from Dropil (01/20)

Dropscribe 2

Dropscribe announced today (21st January 2020) via Twitter. Nobody expected that the Dropil team works on a platform called Dropscribe.A platform to publish News, ideas – every form of written content to the public. According to the announcement, the beta test will start this week (calendar week 4, 2020). Dropscribe will be a scalable form […]

How to be a good boss and leader, 5 simple tips

Have you ever wondered what you need to become a good boss and leader? I am working as a manager now for several years, “managing people”. Before worked many years as a volunteer in a medical task force responsible for a lot of first responders. Worked as CEO etc. There are thousands of management tips […]

Will cryptocurrencies have an awesome future? 01/20

What is the future of cryptocurrencies? Within the past decade, more than 1000 cryptocurrencies started to emerge and some of them managed to stir world economics and how we send money online. But for many people, the inception of cryptocurrencies was only the beginning. So you have to wonder, what’s the future of cryptocurrencies and […]

Dropil and its own crypto-world changing blockchain

Dropil chain banner

As announced some months ago from the Dropil team, they are working on its own blockchain. Next to the other great products, the Dropil Chain will be a great push for the whole project. Today, the team announced the Dropil chain test net for February 2020…very earlier than expected. All people are expecting a great […]

mind capital – a new bad Ponzi/HYIP comes along, 1

mind.capital 2020-01-12

Just at the same time, we reported about the dying Minerva Trading Bot Ponzi the “Investment” telegram groups switch over to a new company called “mind capital“. The Minerva trading bot is running out of cash – we reported several times about the behavior of this and – surprise, surprise – the same groups and […]

Dropil Seer – impressive prediction market for crypto and other stuff, 1

Dropil Seer, Fiat market

Dropil Seer is a great way to earn money (Drop coins) from predictions! Stake your drop coins or free points for own created predictions or just participate in many different from other users. Simply register at Dropil for an account and start creating own predictions. Check out my sample prediction with the following link: https://seer.dropil.com/view/162000/tSjTTxtuT4/SK9HML6691ZQ […]