Dropil — how I came to this cryptocurrency project

Dropil banner

I came to this project over a telegram group. I checked out several trading bots and another user informed me there about this project.

The Dropil ecosystem offers a wide range of services and automatic bots.

Dropil ecosystem
Dropil ecosystem

There are more projects coming this year — for example Zuhex — a cryptocurrency exchange. The team is very active in the improvement of their projects.

Personally, I am using Dex and Jade. Dex is an autonomous trading bot. Just put Drop-coins into this bot and forget about. Every 14 days you get profits paid in drops. You can choose if you want to contribute the profits or pay them out to a wallet.

The earnings vary from cycle to cycle and depend on the market conditions.
In the right picture, you see the different pool profits over the last months.

Jade is a semi-automatic trading bot that uses Bittrex and Binance through an API.

If you want to signup for this great project — feel free to use my below referral link and earn these benefits:

  • Both parties receive $5 in Drops once referral completes first Dex cycle
  • You receive 10% of all payments made to Dropil by referred users
  • Your referrals receive 10% off all Dropil premium services forever


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