Dropil and its own crypto-world changing blockchain

Dropil chain banner

As announced some months ago from the Dropil team, they are working on its own blockchain.

Next to the other great products, the Dropil Chain will be a great push for the whole project. Today, the team announced the Dropil chain test net for February 2020…very earlier than expected. All people are expecting a great opportunity for the whole crypto market.

Here are some features:

  • Infinitely scalable using sharding data technologies 
  • Fee Free Transactions (No fee for sending DROPS to users)
  • Up to 1.2 million transactions processed per second (on a 50-node structure)
  • 3.1ms average latency for almost instant transactions
  • Allow anyone to issue their own Coin/Asset on our blockchain
  • A fully distributed public ledger of all transactions and accounts
  • 51% attack resistance proof & quantum-proof security
  • Username purchasable registered addresses (Register a username on an address such as (drop123gn6j23lmexu0qx5qhmgxgunmjcqsx8g5ueq2)
  • Complete anonymity of accounts and transactions
  • Complete API solution to integrate Dropil Chain into any project/solution/app/etc.
  • Allow businesses to create immutable databases for B2B blockchain transactions
  • Many more future developments planned

As soon the own chain is released, the plan is to easily convert the Drop token to the new chain. This will be done by “just a click”.

The Dropil team is always good for surprises!

Register for free and stake your drops. Today.

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