Dropil Crypto Ecosystem — a deeper look

The Dropil ecosystem

As we see in the above picture — the Dropil ecosystem offers some automated bots.

Let us take a closer look at these great products today.


Jade offering semi-automatic trading bots for different crypto exchanges.

At the moment: Binance, HuobiGlobal, Bittrex
You can trade with BTC, ETH, USDT and BNB pairs (BNB on Binance).

For start just put your API key in the settings in Jade.
Select your favorite exchange(s) and click continue.

The recommended amount for Jade is at least 50 USD for a trading pair.

You can add bots with the “Add Bot” button.

Add a new bot to Jade

Then select a strategy, name and base pair.

Jade is offering next to the standard bots also scalping. For this, it receives signals from a free signal provider.

At the moment only long bots are offered — but the team is developing short bots as well.

I recommend the Slow bot — it has the most success in trades. It varies from market to market condition — so best is set up a bot with every strategy.

A nice feature is the telegram notifications. If the bot closes and opens new deals you get notified via telegram:

Jade Assistant, [08.10.19 17:24]
? Notification of Opened Deal ?
Opened Price: 0.00493313
Amount: 9.99
Bot Name: ETH Slow

Jade Assistant, [09.10.19 03:37]
? Notification of Closed Deal ?
Opened Price: 0.00493313
Closed Price: 0.00503186
Amount: 9.99
Bot Name: ETH Slow
Profit USD: $0.17
Profit Percent: 1.9%

The Dropil ecosystem

If you want to signup for this great project — feel free to use my below referral link and earn these benefits:

  • Both parties receive $5 in Drops once referral completes first Dex cycle
  • You receive 10% of all payments made to Dropil by referred users
  • Your referrals receive 10% off all Dropil premium services forever


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