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Today on PinkysWorld Weblog, I give you a short introduction to Dropil’s Smart Wallet, Max.

The Dropil ecosystem

There are many Web Browser wallets on the internet. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them run away with your private key and coins…

Really, why the heck people are using Wallets on the Internet without knowing their private keys?? Do you give your bank PIN code to somebody? I guess not…

But with Max you do not have to worry about this…you can print out/copy, store your private key for every Asset you are creating. So, consider it safe.

Dropil Max - Portfolio overview.
Dropil Max – Portfolio overview.

The portfolio overview shows your saved or monitored assets and gives you an overview of the latest performance. The pie chart is a nice feature too :).

To add a new coin just click “Add”. Next to creating a brand new wallet with the public and private keys, you have the possibility to import an already existing wallet.

If you are using another Wallet application and just want to be informed about recent coin transactions, select “Add remote Wallet”. You don’t need a private key to add it to Max for a portfolio overview.

Add asset to Portfolio, Max

Select your favorite coin from the drop-down menu and an option. Create new private and public key pairs, or simply import with existing key pairs.

Easy asset management

The left navigation bar lets you choose your preferred action of each asset. Withdraw your coins, create recurring payments and simply monitor a new asset.

Withdrawal of coins is very comfortable and easy. Simply put the recipient’s address in the field, select the amount, preferred transaction speed and done. After verification with 2FA its send.

I personally like the option to chose the network speed to avoid bad surprises with high fees.

That’s it!

A nice feature is the telegram bot connection – just link your telegram username and get instant notifications for received and withdrawn coins. Max lets you monitor your external addresses too. So stay informed about your crypto assets.

With the received menu, Max generates an individual QR code for your wallet address. You can give the QR code to the sender, post it on your website and so on. The coin sender simply can scan the QR code with their Wallet software to avoid typos.

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