Dropscribe announced – the next big thing in Crypto from Dropil (01/20)

Dropscribe 2

Dropscribe announced today (21st January 2020) via Twitter.
Nobody expected that the Dropil team works on a platform called Dropscribe.
A platform to publish News, ideas – every form of written content to the public.

According to the announcement, the beta test will start this week (calendar week 4, 2020).

Dropscribe will be a scalable form of a content management system that allows every person to write content, share content and get rewarded for this.

There will a form of peer assessment for articles. Other users have to review the submitted content and up- or downvote the content.

Content management in its form was a whole topic of the last years. Many companies worked on products for Microsoft SharePoint to increase the huge amount of generated data. But it remains unstructured and chaotic.
Big-data and the handling of such is still the future.

Will the DropilChain help with searching in such kind of huge amounts of data? Will Dropscribe face unstructured content?

As we know the Dropil team, there is always a plan and “bigger picture” where are they focusing on.
The Zuhex beta is still not out for the public. If we put the puzzles together we can see a great future for the whole Dropil ecosystem.

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