How to be a good boss and leader, 5 simple tips

Master Yoda

Have you ever wondered what you need to become a good boss and leader?

I am working as a manager now for several years, “managing people”. Before worked many years as a volunteer in a medical task force responsible for a lot of first responders. Worked as CEO etc.

There are thousands of management tips on the internet, from well-known people with many different meanings. You have to find your own way to be a good boss (or not). Not every person is born for a leadership position. Natural leadership cannot be learned.

Be honest

Try to be honest as possible with your employees. Don’t tell them fairytales about you, the work and whatsoever. As far as long the truth will come to light and you will lose respect and reputation.

Be the mommy or daddy for them

Be always available for you guys. It’s the weekend? Yes, don’t call them on there holiday, if it is not an absolute emergency. But be available in your work off time and holiday. Be there. Give them the warm and fuzzy.
Listen to them if they need somebody to talk to. The most time of our life we spend on work-related things. So it’s normal that they speak to the colleagues. If they respect you as a boss and tell you also to trust their problems. Then you are in a good way. But if they don’t want – respect this. Be a good boss and leader.

Take care of them

Never treat them like slaves. Take care of their work times and health. Yes, sure the companies have an interest in making profits. But only a happy employee gives 100% productivity. It is a win-win situation always. If he’s happy, he will give you maximum output.

Give the people opportunities to grow

Not every employee is happy to work in his job 20 years. 20 years putting cables around in a network port is possibly boring.

Everyone has a talent – it’s your job to use this for the company. Maybe the person won’t know about his talent. Then it is also your job to show him this. Manage people means managing skills and talents.
Be the Master Yoda for your Jedis :).

Accept criticism

Listen to possible critics of them. If they tell you, that you are wrong don’t shout – ask why. They have for sure a reason if they are criticizing you.
It is good to get feedback and work on your personal growth!

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