Mad TV 1 & 2

Mad TV 1

The Mad TV series is for sure a collection of the best strategy games ever. Build your own TV station, produce movies and series and beat your competitors!

We have the version for Amiga and DOS available.
Mad TV 2 comes as an image for DOS.

Operating SystemDOS, Amiga (Mad TV 1)
PublisherGreenwood Entertainment
DeveloperHolger Beisheim
CoverMad TV 2 Box cover
ScreenshotsMad TV 1
Mad TV main scren
Mad TV 2 startup

Mad TV



Mad TV Manual. English.

Size: 5.86 MB
Hits: 613
Date added: 21-01-2020


Version for DOS.

Version: 1
Size: 801.43 KB
Hits: 476
Date added: 21-01-2020


Version for AMIGA.

Size: 811.38 KB
Hits: 460
Date added: 21-01-2020


Mad TV 2, for DOS. ISO Image.

Language: German

Version: 2
Size: 57.20 MB
Hits: 535
Date added: 21-01-2020

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