Memcached – easy Administration with phpMemcachedAdmin


In a former article, I told you about the great possibility of speeding up WordPress with Memcached. The administration via console is not the easiest way for every person.

But there is a tool called phpMemcachedAdmin that makes our life easier.

Administration via shell is a little bit complicated for the daily work. Also, you want an easy to view guy, click buttons, etc.. Just want to make your life easier.

Dashboard phpMemcachedAdmin

The solution for that is the PHP tool phpMemcachedAdmin. Just install the little script via shell, put it in your Apache HTML folder and go for it.

You can download the tool from the developer’s website or google code, etc.
Latest Version is 1.2.2

Download it via Browser or directly in via shell with wget.

Just unzip/untar copy it to the public HTML folder and open it in a browser. You should configure a directory password.

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