mind capital – a new bad Ponzi/HYIP comes along, 1

mind.capital 2020-01-12

Just at the same time, we reported about the dying Minerva Trading Bot Ponzi the “Investment” telegram groups switch over to a new company called “mind capital“.

The Minerva trading bot is running out of cash – we reported several times about the behavior of this and – surprise, surprise – the same groups and people who referred to this system are switching over to a new high yield investment program.

Mind capital has officially launched on the 11th of January 2020. This system seems to be focusing on Forex trading with daily returns of about 0,8% – 2,0%.
Uhmm…okay sounds realistic and reachable in the forex market.

Mind Capital referral system

The classic referral pyramid.

To be honest…at the first view the design and system do not look so bad to me. So I tried to register. There are groups in the telegram app that are referring heavily to this system.

The technique behind a professional company should also be professional

I just used some ref link to signup for an account (yes it is mandatory!). After signup with my icloud mail address, I did not receive any activation mail from the system…ahh. Fail.

It seems the mail has been rejected from the icloud mail server. If sometimes such kind of mail is moved in the spam folder – it could happen. But no mail?

After waiting for a couple of minutes, I tried my luck to ask in one of the telegram groups. They asked me if I have registered through there link…insisting that I register again through there link with a Gmail account. Yes, I have such an account but normally don’t want to register multiple times… Well, I signed up again and finally received the activation mail.

Professional set-up for a professional company is mandatory in my point of view. No TLS, NO PTR..

Mind.capital MXLookup
Mind.capital MXLookup

The website looks pretty nice. Nice pictures, videos from the founder, etc. There is a big picture of his smiling face across the website. He looks well known in the company home country Spain.
But, where is the company information?

You can fund your account with a credit card and bitcoin. The minimum investment is 100$. Payouts were normally done every 24 hours during the working days. Same as opening hours at the foreign exchange market.

A trustful investment company should be reachable and publishing government and background information.

I checked the whole web presentation to find any information about the company. There is nothing useful. No company address, zip-code or town. Also no phone number, no VAT ID or similar. Just a contact form and some social connect buttons.

There is no information about the trading methods behind. The website just announcing in big letters – “the future of crypto” or something. What are they doing with the money? If we consider the information in the member’s area it seems they’re trading currency pairs.

If we consider the above information we can conclude that it is not safe to invest any penny in this company.

Mind capital is trading on the forex market according to the website. But if we think about the mail problem, we trust them our money in bitcoin? Are they really able to trade with crypto and Fiat money on the foreign exchange market if they cannot set up a mail server?

No clear information about trading methods and company.

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