Minerva Trading Bot (MTB) (Post 2) – Ponzi running badly out of cash


I posted a couple of weeks ago about the Minerva Trading Bot – probably a Ponzi Scheme .

Recent changes probably confirm Ponzi Scam’s behavior.

There are several telegram groups for and about this bot with heavy discussions and complaints about outstanding payments. Some users are requesting payouts without success.

They announced that payouts at moment stuck for reasons which sound a little bit strange … the bitcoins are requested from a Bank in Dubai who was over the Christmas holidays not available … now its taking time to get them etc.

In the end, it seems there is not enough cash flow to fulfill the payout requirements …

Users can now request payouts earliest after 8 hours again. Some users reporting that they received small amounts on their wallets. Then some not. It seems you require a bit of luck to get your money.

Minerva trading bot_03012020
German MTB community, 03.01.2020

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2 thoughts on “Minerva Trading Bot (MTB) (Post 2) – Ponzi running badly out of cash

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