Minerva Trading Bot (MTB) – the crazy Ponzi continues, 07.01.2020


Update. I already wrote a few articles about the Minerva Trading Bot. If you missed to read them, feel free to do so.

Minerva Trading Bot (MTB) (Post 2) – Ponzi running badly out of cash

Minerva Trading Bot (MTB) – again a Ponzi scheme

The Minerva Bot leaders, talking regularly in a weekly webinar about their product, news, and further information. The last issue and reason for non-payouts were the closed banks in Dubai. There are some ongoing works with making fixed capital liquid. This is the reason for deactivated payouts according to the leaders. The capital is fixed for 3 months and long-term investment, whatsoever.

In the meantime, some people founded a “voucher group” in telegram. People are able to withdraw capital from the bot in vouchers, to give them other persons as a gift, for new users or something other marketing stuff. In the group, the people are trading them against Fiat money. Clever people who are worried about their capital are now trying to recover at least a few cents …

In the meantime, you can check this article on medium about the CMC capital group which is the company behind the Minerva Trading Bot.

There is also a new project starting (mind.capital), I will report about this soon.

Dear group members,
welcome to the “private”
EUR ➡️ Minerva voucher
Minerva voucher ➡️ EUR
The following rules must be followed:
❌You will be deleted from the exchange group if you do not have a user name❌
Please enter a user name in your profile under Settings at Telegram. This is used to write to you if necessary. So we can assign you if necessary.
Kr no cryptos are exchanged
? no discounts on vouchers
Privaten There are no private negotiations in the chat
Bank No bank details are posted
? no personal greetings for newcomers
? no EMOJIs, no spam
Fremd no external advertising
? Please formulate the inquiries and offers briefly, no more than 3 lines.
Exchange GS over EUR 100 for PayPal, N26 or …
Message please via PM
It goes without saying that vouchers are also offered in pieces – is no longer part of the advertisement.
It goes without saying that processing takes place quickly and reliably – it is no longer part of the advertisement.
? Please delete inquiries and offers that are no longer valid.
? If you repeatedly post your offer / request, please delete the old ad
✅ The evaluations of successful or less successful exchanges are still expressly desired. This is a great help, especially for new members.
Please write the username in your rating and keep your rating brief and factual.
All advertisements that do not comply with the rules will be deleted without justification.
This chat is only used to bring exchange partners together.
Wenn man aufmerksam den Minerva-Chat liest, muss man feststellen, dass gerade “Internetneulinge” Schwierigkeiten haben, alle Aufgaben auf einmal zu lösen.
Es sind einfach zu viele Baustellen wie:
    – Wallet einrichten,
    – den passenden Exchanger finden
    – sich dort zu registrieren und verifizieren
    – Geld zu tauschen und zu transferieren
Das alles kostet Zeit und Nerven. Man möchte sofort bei Minerva starten, aber es sind zu viele Hürden zu meistern.
Deshalb ist es vielleicht gerade am Anfang ein guter Weg mit Gutscheinen zu arbeiten.
Es erleichtert den Einstieg enorm und der neu gewonnene Partner wirft nicht gleich das Handtuch.
Später im nächsten Schritt kann man sich den anderen Dingen zuwenden.
Inzwischen gibt es genug Mitglieder, die täglich auszahlen wollen und somit Gutscheine anbieten können.
Bringt man jetzt beide Parteien zusammen genießen beide Seiten diese Vorteile:
✅ keine Verluste durch Gebühren
✅ Gutschein kann sofort aktiviert werden
✅ Geldüberweisungen funktionieren sofort in Echtzeit, wenn
       z.B. beide Partner gleiche Bankverbindungen haben
      (z.B. N26 oder andere) oder man benutzt PayPal
Das ist ein reiner Arbeits/Tauschchat.
Allein die Angebote/Anfragen stehen hier im Vordergrund
Alles andere ist überflüssig
     ‼️Der Tausch findet auf eigenes Risiko statt.‼️
Es wird keinerlei Haftung übernommen für Gutscheinverluste durch Nicht-Bezahlung!
Welche Gutscheine gibt es?
Es gibt 10 / 25 / 50 / 100 / 250 / 500 / 1500 und 10 x 500 EUR Gutscheine
Wie lade ich neue Mitglieder ein?
Jedes Mitglied ist berechtigt, neue Mitglieder einzuladen.
This is done on your own responsibility. So we all contribute to making this group safe.
How is the invitation made?
You click on the group name and then on add members.
‼ ️ We appeal to everyone:‼ ️
Is honest, fair and respectful with one another.
Attempts to defraud have no place here‼ ️
Please send inquiries to:
Please show your partners where and how to find this description.
‼ ️This group works independently and has nothing to do with Minerva Support‼ ️

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