Minerva Trading Bot – the Ponzi in its final phase


We reported many times about the Minerva Trading Bot – a High-Yield Investment Program based on a telegram bot.

There were many different reasons for problems with cashing out. We informed about…

For some days they reactivated the cash-out feature of the bot with a maximum of 50.00 EUR/day. But many people had problems even the withdrawals was active for a short time period.

In the weekly “Zoom” calls, held up on Wednesdays’ they have always other excuses for non-payments. At the moment, the reason for that is a new law and that the money is held at banks in Switzerland…

In the meantime, the admins of the Minerva Trading Bot organization kicked me from all Discussion and news channels on telegram – lol :). I ask you – why they do this if they have nothing to hide??

There are spies around telegram which invest in the critique of the users. Even the “Swiss Sell Army” of this organization is very calm at the moment.
But nonetheless, the next Ponzi of this organization has been started.

We see many similar things – the writing of the content sounds identical. And the usage of emoticons is well-known for these guys.

Seit September ist das Projekt in der Pre Launch Phase und Ihr könnt euch registrieren und profitieren, seit dem 11. Januar gings dann ganz offiziell los, Ihr seid also ganz vorne mit dabei.

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