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Dropscribe announced – the next big thing in Crypto from Dropil (01/20)

Dropscribe 2

Dropscribe announced today (21st January 2020) via Twitter. Nobody expected that the Dropil team works on a platform called Dropscribe.A platform to publish News, ideas – every form of written content to the public. According to the announcement, the beta test will start this week (calendar week 4, 2020). Dropscribe will be a scalable form […]

Dropil and its own crypto-world changing blockchain

Dropil chain banner

As announced some months ago from the Dropil team, they are working on its own blockchain. Next to the other great products, the Dropil Chain will be a great push for the whole project. Today, the team announced the Dropil chain test net for February 2020…very earlier than expected. All people are expecting a great […]

Dropil Seer – impressive prediction market for crypto and other stuff, 1

Dropil Seer, Fiat market

Dropil Seer is a great way to earn money (Drop coins) from predictions! Stake your drop coins or free points for own created predictions or just participate in many different from other users. Simply register at Dropil for an account and start creating own predictions. Check out my sample prediction with the following link: https://seer.dropil.com/view/162000/tSjTTxtuT4/SK9HML6691ZQ […]

Dropil’s awesome story is going on – a great 2020 for the crypto world!

Dropil 2020

PinkysWorld Weblog reported many times about Dropil and it’s the whole Ecosystem.The Dropil team announced on the 6th of January 2020 the first Alpha Edition of Zuhex – Dropils own crypto exchange. The private Beta is opening before the 15th of January. So great times are coming. Also, there is still a new product in […]

Dropil Ecosystem – Max, an awesome Smart Wallet, 2

Today on PinkysWorld Weblog, I give you a short introduction to Dropil’s Smart Wallet, Max. There are many Web Browser wallets on the internet. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them run away with your private key and coins… Really, why the heck people are using Wallets on the […]

Dropil project – Welcome 2020

A year is gone…2019 was a big step for the Dropil project. The community is grown, Seer has been released and in General a big step forward for the whole ecosystem. All is prepared for the launch of Zuhex – Dropi’ls own crypto exchange. Server’s upgraded and enough capacity to serve a lot of users […]