The 9th Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day

The 9th Global Wellness Day

The global wellness day happens on the 8th day of June in every year. This means that the next global wellness day would be on the 8th of June 2020. As a matter of fact, while this day exists, a lot of people do not know the reason why the day is always celebrated.

It should be noted that as closely affiliated with the global wellness day, there are days dedicated to the awareness of HIV, days dedicated to people living with cancer but it has never been heard prior to recent times that people celebrate living a life void of ailments, irrespective of the status that they have in the society and so this is the reason why it became a world decision to globally celebrate the global wellness day.

The reason why the day is always celebrated on the 8th of June is the fact that the 8th of June happens to be the second Saturday in the month of June and it was an agreement between the people of the world to celebrate the wellness of man’s health and spiritual wellness.

The slogan of that day’s celebration is the fact that one day can change your life and so while you live well, you must learn to celebrate the fact that you are living the way that you do because when you are living with an ailment, it could be such that it could change your life for good and then you start wishing that you had known the value of wellness when you could.

Helpful Information

The first thing to note about this remarkable day is the fact that although a world-celebrated day, it is basically a world non-profit day for the purpose of celebrating the fact that we are all living well.

The hallmark of this very day is for the purpose of creating awareness about living a healthy life and to also initiate the fact that even if all that man has is to live well for just a day, what would a man do in that situation? Or in a simple form, what would a man do to make his life healthier?

The main aim of this special day is for the purpose of celebrating the value of life and the ability of man to overcome mortalities and fatalities that could have taken away the life of man.

Another reason for this day’s celebration is the fact that we all have so many pressures in our lives and so it would not be a bad idea of having ourselves celebrated and also have some rest for ourselves.

Another major reason for the celebration of this day is for the purpose of celebrating ourselves beyond the stress and the addictions of everyday life.

Also, the reason why people celebrate this day is to think about the people in our lives that we might have one particular disagreement with, and when we think about that fact, we should also think about what makes us think of the little fights and quarrels that we have with each other.

We would realize that what binds us together is life and we need to celebrate life in love and not hate each other.

The essential purpose of that day is the fact that there are people living around us that do not derive any dedication from being alive and this is because of the ills that they have been through.

The purpose of this celebration is to rejuvenate their spirits and to make them understand that although it doesn’t look like the best times of their lives now, they have life and the wellness of their lives to make them have hope enough to overcome this phase.

What you can do

What everyone can do, especially with regards to the celebration of this special day is the fact that we can all decide to celebrate ourselves and also thank nature and life for making us alive.

There are times in the past when the world was at peace with itself. There are times when natural disasters have taken away people, but this is not our case and so for this reason, what we can do is to appreciate ourselves for the life that we have, spread the love and also try as much as possible to make sure that the people who suffer from one ailment or the other, also see reasons to be happy because if one is alive.

You are better off than a dead man and for this reason, people who have one ailment or the other need to celebrate this day too.

More Information

It should be noted that the global wellness day was established in the year 2012 in turkey and it was established first because of celebrating wellness and ever since that point over 130 countries have accepted the day’s celebration and have extended it to the act of being charitable to the orphans in the society and also the elderly ones. It is on record that in this particular year, the celebration would go on in more than 130 countries of the world and 5000 different locations.

Factual Pieces

Do you know that the world wellness day started off in the year 2012?

It is on record that in the 2018 world wellness day celebration, people from diverse nations of the world came together to celebrate love in Brazil and other nations that had the issue of orphans strolling around through the streets and also the issue of taking care of the seniors in the country.

As it is now, down to the walls of Mount Everest, people celebrate the Global Wellness day and the basic color that people see around when the celebration is on is the pink and white color or the pink and blue color. This has aided a lot of people in checkmating their health wellness and also seeing the essence of being alive.

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