The Dropil crypto ecosystem — smart tools for everyone

Dropil ecosystem

Seer, Dex, Jade, Zuhex, Arthur

Next to the main products like Zuhex, Seer, Jade, Arthur, Max, and Dex, Dropil offers some “little” tools which are very helpful for the daily life of a crypto enthusiast.

Dropil tools
Dropil Direct

The first one in the Toolbox list is Dropil Direct.

Dropil direct offers you to buy directly via the built-in feature Drop tokens for the deposit of another cryptocurrency.

You can choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC.

The price of is used.

Earn Drops

Earn Drops offers several campaigns for online marketing at the moment. Share your thoughts on twitter, medium or youtube and get rewarded with Drops.

Dropil Games

Dropil Games offer you the possibility to play.

At the moment there are three different Lottery types in which you can set your Drops to the chance of a win.

More games coming soon.

You can print gift cards for many different cryptocurrencies. With a specific amount and private and public keys.

Different motives for different use-cases.

Update 14.12.2019 – Insights are removed and obsolete.

Insights give you a deeper view into the different areas of the Dropil ecosystem.

Status about Dex, Jade, etc.

All you want to know.

It shows you for Dex the different crypto pairs which it is using for trading, loose trades, win trades and a lot of more statistical data.

If you want to signup for this great project — feel free to use my below referral link and earn these benefits:

  • Both parties receive $5 in Drops once referral completes first Dex cycle
  • You receive 10% of all payments made to Dropil by referred users
  • Your referrals receive 10% off all Dropil premium services forever

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