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Everyone likes speed :).

So, it is normal that everyone won’t speed up their website especially WordPress.
If you own a VPS or root server you are luckily and are able to install Memcached. All big companies and major websites using memory as caching for their websites.

But we easily can improve the speed of lightning-fast website loading. First of all, just install the Memcached service on your VPS root via Shell.

On a Ubuntu or Debian Server – simply type in the shell:

apt-get install memcached

After some seconds you have to confirm the installation of the required packages with “y”.

I tried many plugins, configurations and so on. W3Total Cache was a very, very frustrating journey…also many other plugins. Manually editing the WordPress config files destroyed my installation.

In the end, the only working Plugin was “MemcacheD is your friend”. I highly recommend this. Simple install – just click and activate that’s it.

The Plugin requires a running Memcached process on your system. To check if Memcached is running, just type in the console:

sudo service memcache status

The standard settings are okay for the beginning. Later I give you some additional configurations and hints.

Enjoy the speed of your website!


In the meantime, the Plugin “Memcached is your friend”, was the reason for many problems on the Blog. It seems its no more working with the latest WordPress version. Even if I flush the cache manually it causes many errors.

simple cache logo

I switched to “Simple Cache“, this plugin is using my Memcached installation fine.

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